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Looking to add safety and security to your business like this school district did? With help from YourSix We can help design a cost effective solution. Keep your customers safe and keep your belongings yours.

Arkansas Uses Cameras to increase campus secuirty

Here is a great way to multipurpose an equipment purchase. Together with Axis software your surveillance equipment will help give you a better perspective of your retail foot print and help support your optimization efforts in the store. Reach out today and together with YourSix we will design your surveillance system and take advantage of store analytics software to drive a better customer experience for your stores today!

Multipurpose Retail Investment

Fighting in this corner and weighing in at... your traditional PBX. When is the right time to upgrade, and when is it right to uplift? We are here to help you decide what is appropriate for your environment. There are several pieces to discuss from maintenance costs, features, equipment replacement, soft phones, software and the list goes on. We are happy to help simplify this time and help you get to where you are going faster and reduce the headaches getting there. Reach out to us today! 

UCaaS vs PBX

TOP Breaches of 2018 so far.... These can be scary, and costlier if you don't have a response plan in place. Mitigation after the fact can cost as much as 5 times more money and even more to your brand.
With that in mind, if its physical, cyber or social, we are here to help. Let's protect what’s important to you. If it’s a physical object, data or regulatory compliance. We can help with the right solution for your company from Surveillance monitoring to social engineering education to keep what matters protected. Reach out and speak to one of our consultants today!

2018 Top Breaches

Own and operate heavy machinery? Construction or Oil and Gas company with large movable equipment? Did you know that the return rate on stolen gear is less then 25%? Check out this article and when you are done reading it, give us a call. We help protect your heavy equipment. A few things we can do is video surveillance of the parking area, GPS tracking and we have a partnership with an insurance company who can make sure your equipment has the right coverage as well. Please don't wait to call. 25% return is a scary number.

High Cost of Construction Theft

Looking to expand what your company is doing with the video cameras in your retail locations? How about using them to collect analytics to better operate your store? See the video on using this solution for store counting. There are so many more applications you can incorporate into the video survalance platform! 

Retail Analytics = Better Store Management

IBM studied the cost of a data breach. Yes, these are mega breaches, however, you can apply the learning across the b2b spectrum. The single largest item reducing the cost of the data breach, having an incident response team. Call us, email us or DM us. Lets get your IR team built today before you have a breach. Waiting until after the breach will increase the cost exponentially.
The amount of lost or stolen records also impacts the cost of a breach, costing $148 per lost or stolen record on average. The study examined several factors which increase or decrease this cost. Having an incident response team was the top cost saving factor, reducing the cost by $14 per compromised record.

The Cost of a Data Breach

Please dont let this happen to you or your company! It doesnt take long for a hacker to access your records. They may sit and watch inside your perimiter too. We can right fit a security solution (Physical and/or Cyber) to meet your needs and budget. 

Marriot says Starwood database was hacked.

Accidents such as slip and falls are no laughing matter. Especially if you are caught in a liability case because of it. What if it was staged? We can help. Video surveillance is not only for recording robberies. It can be your eye witness in liability lawsuits as well!

If it werent for video, these two could have gotten $300,000 from Publix. 

Slip and Fall Fruad Can COST

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